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It is made by cold white &warm white LEDs alternately,so you can use our CCT remote controller to adjust the color temperature to satisfy customer’s different requirements , providing the capacity for really warm white to very cold white all in one single led strip.

All VANSO products can work with our Special Dimmer Controller to achieve more effects.



3528 Bi-color High Quality SMD Flexible LED Strips 4.5-6.5LM/LED


1) 120leds/m 5meters/reel; can be cut by 3 LED per unit (DC12V) or 6LED per unit (24V)

And connect again by our accessories.

Input voltage: DC12V/0.8-0.9A/9.7W/M,DC24V/0.4-0.7A/9.6W/M

2) Viewing angle: 120°

3) Available PCB color: yellow; white

Product Information:

This Flexible Strips can be in waterproof:

A: Waterproof IP65(WF): glue dropped type
B: Waterproof IP67(TF): silicon tube type
C: Waterproof IP68(KF): PVC sleeve type
(A)                                                    (B)                                            (C) 

All strips come with 3M self adhesive back for easy installation. We recommend that you use hot melt/glass cement

or equivalent to be achieve maximum adhesion. Besides in order to be stronger for strips installation and more

convenient for our customers, IP67 and IP68 waterproof strips will be fixed with screws and clips. It is easy to help

strip installation with our accessories

Dimension Drawing:

Connect Drawing:


Power Supply:

Specific Remote Controller(CCT):

How to connect waterproof strips:


To cut and seal at one end, please follow the steps: A1 A2 A3 B1 B2

To cut and install waterproof connector at one end, please follow the steps: A1 A2 A3 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5


A1: Cut the light strip at the icon ” scissors” or by every 3 LED's.

A2: Screw to open the glue cap.

A3: Use the thrust (another side of glue cap) to puncture the surface.


B1: Inject the silicon gel into the end cap without holes.

B2: Push the strip into the cap and let gel dry for 1 hour.



C1: Put the connector wire through the end cap holes.

C2: Solder the wire onto the PCB.

C3: after solder the two wires, push the strip into the end cap with wires carefully.

C4: Inject the silicon glue at the end of strip and cap.

C5: Make sure end cap and strip are connected well and let gel dry for 1 hour.



Installation Precautions:
1). Connect the lines correctly as shown in the diagram above. It is best to connect 10 meters
2). the working parameters can not over the rate in the limitation in the Absolute Maxing Rating form.
3). the surface upon which the strips are to be installed must be flat and clean, otherwise the LED strip will not properly   adhere.
4). Always protect against electrostatic discharge during installation and use of the strip. Never allow a knife or other sharp objects to touch the product

Cove lighting,under cabinet lighting,architectural lighting,automatic lighting,RV lighting,backlights,edging lighting.etc.


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