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Area of application


We provide our deliveries and work and services exclusively in accordance with these General Sales Conditions. Contradictory or conflicting conditions of the customer shall not be acknowledged unless we expressly consent to their validity.


Our General Sales Conditions shall also apply to future transactions, even if they are not enclosed in individual cases.


Offer and conclusion of contract


Our offers are non-binding unless expressly stated as binding.


Crucial for the order is our written confirmation. In the case of immediate fulfilment of the order, the goods invoice or delivery note shall apply as confirmation. If the customer objects to the content of the confirmation of order, this objection must be entered immediately. Otherwise, the contract shall enter into force in accordance with the confirmation of order.




Guarantee. The details of the products sold by us in brochures, lists, catalogues, datasheets and advertising, in specifications, technical specifications and other technical delivery conditions, in certificates (e.g. certificate of compliance) and other forms do not represent a guarantee for the nature or durability of the object above and beyond the normal liability for defects. We shall not assume any guarantee without express agreement. Use not in accordance with the contract shall not be considered unless an express agreement has been made to this effect. We shall not assume any procurement risk for indeterminate obligation without express agreement. should be more questions,you could write us email to info@rayoulighting.com ,will response your feedback soon.


Samples of the products sold by us shall be considered as test samples and shall not justify any guarantee in respect of the nature of the object without express agreement. The applicable tolerances must be observed.


Quantity changes. In order to form reasonable lot sizes, we reserve the right to make invoiced overdeliveries of up to 10% and non-invoiced underdeliveries of up to 5 % insofar as this is not unreasonable for the customer.


Order for goods to be delivered on demand


For orders for goods to be delivered on demand, an order must be placed within a period of 2 weeks before the desired delivery date, unless agreed otherwise.


Unless agreed otherwise, an order for goods to be delivered on demand must be placed within 1 week from the day of confirmation of order. After a further reasonable period set by us, we reserve the right to supply and invoice the goods and to withdraw from the contract or demand compensation for nonfulfilment. We reserve the right to charge the price for the actual quantities orders.




The prices stated in the order confirmation are definitive. The prices are ex works. They do not include packaging, freight, insurance, customs and sales tax.


Processing surcharges. If the products to be supplier in the customers order are processed by us (e.g. bent or cut, removed, rewound connections) we charge working cost surcharges and processing surcharges independent of quantity.


Price increases. Where unforeseeable costs are incurred after conclusion of contract during fulfilment of the order, we reserve the right to adjust the prices within the framework of the altered circumstances and without charging additional profit.




Payable, interest. Unless agreed otherwise, our invoices are payable without deduction.


T/T payment is only accepted on the basis of an express agreement. Discount fees and other costs for bills of exchange and cheques shall be born by the customer.




Delivery dates. Delivery dates and periods stated by us are non-binding unless agreed otherwise. Binding dates are not fixed dates if they are not expressly stated as such.


Partial deliveries are permitted where this is not unreasonable for the customer.


Reservation as to oneself receiving delivery. We reserve the right to withdraw from the contract if our supplier does not deliver correctly or timely. This right of withdrawal shall only apply if we are not at fault for this non-delivery by the supplier, in particular, if we have concluded a congruent cover transaction with the supplier. We shall immediately inform the customer of non-availability of the goods. Any payment made to us shall be reimbursed immediately.


Late delivery. In the case of late delivery, the customer can only withdraw from the contract if it has set us a reasonable subsequent period with a threat of rejection and the delivery has not been made within the subsequent period.


Compensation for delay. If our delivery is late, we shall be liable in the case of gross negligence for losses incurred by the customer. In the case of slight negligence, our liability for losses incurred shall be restricted to compensation of 0.5% for each complete week of delay to a total of 5% of the price of the part of the delivery which could not be used as a result of the delay. Moreover, in the case of slight negligence, we shall be liable for compensation from the time when the subsequent period set by the customer expires.


Transfer of risk/dispatch


Risk of accidental destruction and accidental deterioration of the goods shall transfer upon transfer; for dispatching, risk shall transfer to the customer upon delivery of the goods to the haulier, the carrier or other person employed. This shall also apply if carriage paid delivery is agreed in individual cases.


If the dispatch is delayed due to circumstances for which the customer is responsible, risk shall transfer to the customer on the day of readiness for dispatch.


If we select the method of dispatch, carriage or courier, we shall only be liable for gross negligence in respect of the selection.

About LED Flexible Strip

LED Strip, LED Tape, LED Ribbon, whatever you call it, is supplied here Rayou Lighting at the lowest price in the Shenzhen,China with price match guarantee, 24 months replacement and 7 days money back guarantee. We offer them in a range of SMD3528 or SMD5050 with waterproof option available. All strips has life span of 50,000 hrs. Ideal for decoration lighting, mood lighting. We also offer a customized solution directly from our factory. Wholesale available.

What is the difference between SMD3528 and SMD5050 LED Strip Lights 

There are currently 2 types of LED on the mainstream market, SMD3528 and SMD5050. The number is just the dimension for the SMD LED. 3528 is 3.5mm x 2.8mm, and 5050 is 5.0mm x 5.0mm. You will see the difference from the following picture. The width of circuit board for these two types of led tape are also different. SMD3528 has 8mm circuit board while SMD5050 has 10mm circuit board.

Although the size of 5050 is just a little bigger, it's 3 times more bright than 3528 becasue it's tri-chip LED. Each SMD3528 is emitting 5-6 lumens while 5050 is 15-16 lumens. Each SMD3528's working watt is 0.08 and SMD5050 is 0.24. All these two types of led strip are supplied in here in Rayoulighting, for best lighting effects we strongly recommend you use the SMD5050 LEDs.

Difference between SMD5050 and SMD3528 LED Tape

What is the difference between IP65, IP67 and IP68 waterproof LED Strips

IP65 LED Strip is using epoxy glue covered on the printed circuit board and all LEDS.
IP67 is using silicon tube to fully cover the LED Strips with caps at both ends sealed.
IP68 waterproof is for the most waterproof LED Strip to be used underwater like in the pool and pond. It is covered by the s tube and it is coated by a layer of epoxy glue between the led tape and tube.

Can I cut the LED Strips into pieces at any length?

Yes and no, for our flexible led tapes they can be cut by 50mm, but it can't be cut to any length. See the picture below, each cutting potint is 50mm distant from the nearest point.

Illustration on how LED Tape can be cutted

How to mount the LED Strips

All our LED Strip has 3M adhesive double side glue at the back. Simply peel off the 3M label layer, you can then stick it anywhere you like.

LED Tape with 3M adhesive backing

What's the difference between warm white and white led Strips?

Warm white and white are the most widely used two colors for LED Strip, the white color is a color kind of coldish, and the warm white color is a little yellowish. Please see the picture below for the difference

LED Tape Warm White and White Color Difference

What is the quality like for the LED Strip?

After years and years of research and development, our LED  Strip Lights are solid and second to none. The lifespan for a normal led products are 50,000 hours. We are one of the largest LED Lights Suppliers in the Shenzhen,China and all our products are with 7 days moneyback guarantee and 2 years replacement warranty.

Is your LED Tape Dimmable?

Yes, all you need is a 12V DC LED dimmer switch to be connnected between the power switch and the led Strips

Rayou Lighting Strips Nomenclature:

PAR30 LED Light Bulbs|LED Retrofit AR111 Bulb|IP65  LED Ceiling Light 15W|COB Track Lighting FIxture|1W 3W Mini LED Spot|35W COB LED PAR30 Light|UFO LED High Bay|Outdoor RGB Wall Washer|Outdoor LED Floodlights|Outdoor Spotlights Landscape Lighting

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