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LED Par56 swimming pool lamp,Par56 LED pool light with remote controller
Siza: 178*110mm ,18/24watt, AC/DC12volt, IP68
Par56 led lamp for swimming pools
Certificate: CE/ROHS,No mercury and lead pollution, no UV and IR Radiation.
Low heat,low degradation,3%~5%(3000hours), Long lifespan:>50000Hours
Energy Saving, Environment Friendly.
Easy installation, maintenance free

Product Name: LED PAR56 RGB Swimming Pool Light

Working Power Supply: AC/DC12V

Wattage: 18W/24W

LED Quantities: 252/351PCS 5mm RGB LED lamp

Light Color: RGB

Length: 178*100mm

Net Weight: 0.75KG

Lighting spot Angle:: 60 degree

Water Protect:IP65 for lamp itself

Housing Material: Glass body

Lifespan: >50000 hours

Ambient Temperature: - 2045℃

Heat Sink: housing temperature less than 40 degree
Dimension Drawing:
Different types:

Instructions of Remote Control:
1.RGB gradient change illuminated in the first power on or press button “D” to turn on the light

2.Switch off/on the power each time,the color will be changed with following sequence:Red→green→blue→RGB→RGB gradient change slow→RGB gradient change fast→disco mode slow→disco mode fast→The speed is constantly changing on the flickering effect.
3.Instructions of remote control     
1) Continue pressing the button “A” to make the 3 group led change in seven stages:Red→green→blue→red+green→red+blue
2) Continue pressing the button “B” to make the 3 group led change in 3 modes:
1.       RGB gradient change
2.       Disco mode
3.       Blinking change
3) Pressing button “C” to adjust the speed of “A” and “B”

4) Pressing button “D” to switch on/off the led light

5) It will reset in 5 seconds after power off

6) The remote control can operate many led lights synchronously
Installation procedure:
1.       Screw the bracket into the wall
2.       Mount the clip of the bracket into the hole of the light
3.       Screw the detailed illustrations in the below pictures

1.Work with AC12V, otherwise the light will be possibly damaged
2.This light should be installed not deeper than 50cm underwater
3.The power wire of the lights shall be joined with other power wire out of the water. Waterproof treatment should be done if the joint is in the water otherwise there is risk for water intrusion.    
4.The light should be in the water for the test of remote function or other functions, and don’t test it more than 3 minutes out of the water otherwise the light will be possibly damaged or caused disfunction . If the user is not available to test it in the water, then please shut off the light every 3 minutes to be cold for the new test. 
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